Monday, June 01, 2009

Listen to the wise Latina Woman

So President Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Justice Sotomayor being quoted out of context appeared to suggest that a Wise latina woman is more likely to come to better judgement than a white male. She is labeled racist by some and asked to explain herself by others. Even the President sought to excuse her choice of words and find ways to soften the meaning. For the record Judge Sotomayor is absolutely right a wise Latina woman by virtue of her status in the hierarchy of ethnicity in the United States is more likely to see a perspective of society that is not only more exposed but also more informed about the lives of the common people. Most importantly a Latina woman has to know white mainstream culture to survive along with her own culture for not just the interest but for her economic survival. A white male does not require any such thing except if he is motivated by exceptional circumstances. It is political correct claptrap to suggest that this opinion is either racist or malicious in any way.