Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti and teaching the Power of Love

Jeanette and Her Husband give us the most powerful lesson in life and love. This is a lesson that should go round the world and should never be forgotten. The people of Haiti may be poor but they are rich in character, love and relationship. If what gives them this is a pact with the Devil , then I am going to get me some of that.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Passes for Christianity

Say what you want about Fox but Shep Smith is the only class act in that Network.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Underwear exposed

The decision to put Nigeria on the list of 14 nations to receive secondary screening from the US is bad policy. It discriminates very badly because if it will lead to greater detection maybe it could be justified but it will alienate millions without making the US safer. Unlike many who focus on the underwearbomber as the the reason for this decision the official excuse is the alleged laxity in Nigeria airport never mind that the journey began in Ghana and he had more opportunity to load up there than in Lagos. It is also now article of faith by US liberal powerbrokers like Senator Feingold, Senator Schumer who are briefed by the so called Nigerian progressives who have helped by carrying their cynical perspective all around for all to hear. The tragedy here is that they have turned their development at the ridiculous government we have into an indictment of everything Nigerian. Now they have to reap the wind that they have sown. In the same way that they were apologists for the kidnapers and bunkerers in the Delta. They are then shocked that the kidnaping is spreading like a cancer in all areas where former robbers can now realise greater returns and lower risks by holding the lives of successful or popular people to ransom. No matter what age this people are like little children, they no longer just inhabit the daily news, they are spread over the internet and have homes in facebook, saharareporters et al. Their initial response to the underwearbomber is to get into tribal and geopolitical finger pointing . Addicted to the adrenalin from arguing and besotted by the heat and lack of light in their opinions.

It is quite a fearful time for those of us who truly love Nigeria and are decidedly committed to realising its greatness. We have ended up with most irrelevant and incompetent National government and any assumption that we had the national, or civic pride will prompt everyone to take responsibility has faded to nothingness. granted it is easier if you had a good government to transform a society but all the energy criticising and running commentary can be used to change individual lives, family possibilities, communal aspiration and cities as well as towns. we are in national crisis and everyone who cares needs to take position wherever they find themselves to help build and develop us out of this hole government or not. Governor Fashola is a good example he could have spent time getting into the AC versus PDP thing on a daily basis but he has used his bully pulpit to inspire and deliver. nations do not change from criticism but they sometimes do from inspiration and that does not only come from Government.

I will be changing the direction of this blog and active working to create new stories and focus towards the kind of society I want my grandchildren to be part and citizens off. I have failed my children but I am blessed to be alive to make things happen for my grandchildren. This decade cannot be wasted talking it will be about what we do fail or succeed.

Ire O

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bloomberg Third Term

Mayor Bloomberg sworn into a unprecedented third term by changing the rules so he can run. Obasanjo discredited by Nigerians for seeking a similar move. Maybe it is not the 3rd term that is the problem it is who is seeking it?

David Brooks on Terrorism, An Adult guide

Please read for an truly adult perspective and contrast with Maureen Dowd childish screed both in NY Times. By the way Happy New Year and a new opportunity to write history in a new decade, do not waste it, completely rock it.