Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bus 30 from Hackney

It was the numbness that spoke
The silence that rode
Not even my heartbeat disturbed the peace
Rude of death to end my lease

A morning of rush and haste
My heart quickens in pursuit of a parking place
Drenched in sweat and worries to catch the 7.30 Euston Train

We are squeezed together like tuna in brine
I could feel a soft curve against my spine
I turn on my cellphone and put on my office gaze
As we entered London I entered a new phase

I pimp walked my way onto the red bus lane
Laughing at the English queue in the rain
Here comes 30 I dash and catch a ride
Making the bus and losing my pride

I sit down to the stop start drive
Sweeping around breathing with my eyes
The entwined couple ready to explode
Dread relaxed nodding to his Ipod

I missed death come on in secrecy
Maybe the handsome boy with brooding eyes
The sassy girl with sighing thighs
The annoucement was in thunder and smoke
All I had left was those who had felt my love

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Batasiko said...

Hi,7/7/2005 will never be forgotton. Had a meeting at Leicester that morning. Was to catch a train from Kings Cross Station. Got up early as in had a wash by 5.20 am. Felt a sudden wariness. Limbs refused to obey transmission from the brain. Result lay back in bed didnt go out till we heard the devastating news. Wish others could have stayed home too.

Bimbola Tiamiyu