Thursday, March 30, 2006

Complexity Course update

I sincerely apologise that my decision announced on this forum to update on my progress on the NECSI course did not manifest. Unlike many courses of this type that advertises its intensive programme, this was in fact intensive with a Capital I. The phenomenal intellect and energy of Yaneer Bar-Yam was mind expanding but most challenging was his energy as the man went for hours daily without much relenting. I was extremely grateful for the the regular clarifying questions from his father who redefined for me the unique love of father to son. By the end of the event my mind had gone into retreat and so far I restrain any attempt to harvest this feast because it is extremely rich in wisdom and insight.

At the same time there are lenses which have been added or clarified as a result of the event which by the way I seriously recommend to anyone in pursuit of extraordinary insights into the way our world works. The lenses include :

- Patterns and pattern recognition including Power laws

- Multiscale perspectives

-Evolutionary processes

- Goal oriented behaviour

I commend Yaneer Bar-Yam's book Making things work 'Solving complex problems in a complex world' to any serious thinker out there. I am doing my second read and it just packs an exceptional intellectual framework for deep insight into the nature of things.

I continue to harvest because there is an emerging 'holding space' for my own work between the Adaptive Leadership of Dr Hiefetz, the Four Column of Professor Kegan and Lahey, Yaneer Bar-Yam's take on complexity and my life long work on diversity. What is emerging is a book on a Nigerian Renaissance.

Watch this space

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Mac said...

I have ordered Yaneer Bar-Yam's book and am looking forward to reading it prior to attendign teh course in June.

For me too the work of Heifetz is combining with my schooling in physics and general knowledge abut complexity (which I hope to build on from the course) forming something in my mind to move forward with, it is far from a complete idea at the moment but I am sure it will come.