Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ijala Omoluwabi

Ijala Omoluwabi

I spew forth without blemish
The son of the most evolved
My eyes a revelation of lava within
My prey the order of the other
It is my truth to speak
My destiny to live
I am out here

I wash my eyes in the waters of Oshogbo
It tells me the subterfuge of their genome
But my gourd I cracked in deliverance
I did not listen to Ibikunle’s vision and omens
I slept through Amana’s frenetic heretic
Fortune, I retain the mirrors of Malaika
I am still out here

I am naked all my medicine corrupted
I search for my machete but the steel is corroded
The trees shed their Oro fruit so I cannot starve
The grass wove their skin to cover my staff
Rainfalls from the eyes of the sky that assuage my thirst
My voice rekindled in the roar of thunder
They are out there

In time, he visits to reclaim all
The universe gradually consumes the mall
Randomly she strips away security
Replacing each layer with sensual clarity
All we have lived is vanity
What is left standing is humanity
Are you out there?

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