Monday, March 10, 2008

Hillary Experience

There all kinds of experiences but the only thing that matters is how they help us to make decisions. This is for Saymama who still clings on to the Clinton Spin of 35 years experience and the actual lies about negotiating in Kosovo for the opening of the Macedonia border also bringing peace to Northern Ireland. Whatever happens she is a shameless power addict who would stop at nothing to get into the White House . There is no position too low or statement too mean so long as she gets her desired goal. She has mortgaged her dignity and torn the rags of integrity left over from her husbands Presidency in an attempt to get into power. It remains to be seen whether the US will choose hope over cynicism and transformation over transaction.


ijebuman said...

rofl, like all politicians are not "shameless power addicts", i suppose Obama is different, oh lets see, he got into the senate in 2004 and barely 4 years later he wants to be President.
Looks like there's a driving ambition there but i can't figure out a name for it... ; )

Onibudo said...

Some seek power for its own sake and others seek power for its ability to deliver value and change. I believe Senator Obama to be the latter. While it is fashionable to be cynical it is as Oscar Wilde said a cynic is someone who knows the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

If a man who stood up in 2004 for inclusion, spoke against an unjust war when it was acceptable to do otherwise, shaped the most far reaching ethical reform in the US Senate ever, facilitated the first moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois , spearheaded the law to record police interviews to reduce miscarriages of justice steps forward to speak to the possibility of a nation reaching the fulness of its humanity then I give him the benefit of doubt.

The same man speaks to record crowds of minimum 17,000 weekly, inspires young people to engage in politics then i give him the benefit of doubt.

The man engages and involves over a million people to contribute in less than $100 each towards the most successful fundraising in the history of the US. I give him the benefit of doubt.

Shame that somewhere along the line in an attempt to appear knowing you exhibit the weariness of the disappointed and the cynicism of those who fear failure. It is time to take a risk for the possibility of inspirational leadership. History will not forgive those who get this wrong.

ijebuman said...

ah nice one throwing in an Oscar Wilde quote, here's one from Lillian Hellman - "Cynicism is an unpleasant way of saying the truth"

A healthy dose of cynicism never hurts, trust me it is required when dealing with politicians and Pentecostal pastors ; - )

Onibudo said...

I would rather Scepticism than cynicism. Cynicism is about the lack or hope and the death of possibility. It is far more damaging to the mind that carries it than what it tries to characterise. Scepticism on the other hand puts everything to rigourous test and scrutiny, leaving open the possibility of an unanticipated result.

To m humble mind cynicism is a child of the faint hearted who are so fearful of disappointment that they will rather keep a closed mind or eyes than ever risk a new perspective or possibility. Something tells me that you are more likely to be the latter than the former. But you are of course an Ijebu Man LOL.