Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why does this not rival Reverend Wright Celebrity?

Here is part 2

The media is in the tank for the establishment candidate but do watch these allegations whatever the merit they should be open to the broader American public.


Kenneth Chiazor said...

I sat in a class where marine life adaptability (as per health-safety and environment)was discussed. I found myself recalling your adapt-or-die paradigm. Interestingly, wouldn't adapt-or-die seem a quite a bit zero -sum when compared with marine life equivalent: adapt-or-die-or-migrate? Whatever, what I love about your approach is its open mindedness to change.

"Awa mu eku bo ni nu apo- Dudu ni. Fun fun ni. Bi o ba je pupa nko?"

Very best regards,

Kenneth Chiazor.

Onibudo said...

Kenneth my old friend how the devil are you? Well it will be great to take the discussion on both off and online