Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The burial

My friend and muse Lelethu 'Leza' Lumkwana was sent to the home of homes last saturday. Here is what our connection was about this was one of my last Instant messages to her. This the result of what we both called walethu our creative force and connection.

"We live to die we need not fear just walk our path. So live like there is no tomorrow. Love dies and becomes peace, peace sleeps and become simplicity and she comes back as passion. Circles and cycles. the night is the father to the morning light and rain is the child from the womb of the sea. The powers that make life come forth is the belly of our choices as well as the sigh of finality. As I move on I invoke the night to be your friend so that you awake to the powers of your tomorrows without the concern of what you might eat because the fish opens its mouth so the master can pay his taxes. You will never want for that which will nourish your boy or grow your soul. Gnight" Wale 11.00am July2008

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