Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holding the Pentecostal Movement to Account is a must.

I have posted many times about those who use God to exploit the sentimentalist amongst us. It is time for those who truly love Christ to stand up against those who use his name for their own material comfort and consumption. It is especially time to rescue Nigerian society from the corrosive influence of a religious movement that suggest that passivity and supplication is the road to material success which is in turn the standard for spiritual redemption. We have monitized God the ultimate rent seeking agenda is now being played out by those who are middle men or arrangees fro the 'Almighty'. Say what you might about South Africans at least they stand for something other than the fulfillment of their stomach. Read below.

South Africans vow to sack Christ Embassy… As authorities humiliate Chris Oyakhilome at airport

“As South Africans, we will not rest until Chris and his cohorts are out of our country. We have fought very hard to release this country from the clutches of apartheid not to have hoaxes like them come and rape our economic and social system.”
This was the touching expression of despair by a South African and a former member of Christ Embassy who now thinks that the church is one big hoax. There had been tales of stage-managed miracles at Christ Embassy but now a number of sources close to the church confided in that some of the tales may be true after all. They narrated a number of incidents that has compelled them to doubt the authenticity of the Christ Embassy Church in South Africa .
Our source gave an instance of a lady that had been sitting on a wheel chair in the healing line, she had been sitting there for hours while waiting for the man of God to come and minister to her. When nature called, she forgot she was supposed to act paralyzed. And there she was standing and running to the toilet. Minutes after that, she received serious tongue-lashing from the Healing School pastors for the great embarrassment she caused. No one really understood this because she was not allowed to return to the wheel chair as people had seen her dash off to the toilet. Her empty wheel chair was wheeled out of the room.

Chris Oyakhilome
Another source recalled that a similar incident had transpired in the Healing School when another supposedly bed-ridden faithful was pushed to the toilet by a church member who had volunteered to help at the Healing School . On getting there with the helper, she stood by herself and went in. The helper screamed, rejoicing that a miracle had already taken place. She was shocked to see this patient also receiving serious reprimand for standing without aid. also gathered that an old woman who ministers next to Pastor Chris , called Deaconess Pat, many refer to as mommy in South Africa, who lays hands on women on Chris’ behalf and instruction was said to have warned some South Africans not to bring their children nor give their money to the money making scheme. Her words were, “this is not a church”. She also made mention of the fact that her own children are in full time church ministry but none are in Christ Embassy. She was quoted as saying that she is only at Christ Embassy because it is a job for her.
There is an interesting sub-unit in the Christ Embassy Church called the ‘Haven’. It largely consists of select members that fund Chris Oyakhilome’s minisry in South Africa and beyond.
South Africans that belong to this group have suffered tremendously through the insane donations demanded from them by Christ Embassy . Many have had to take children out of schools to be able to keep up with the Christ Embassy demands .
While South Africans are committing their hard-earned money to the Christ Embassy projects, their pastors are indulging in an unimaginable life of luxury.
Pastor Ken Oyakhilome drives a Lamborghini Murcielago, Austin Martin DB9, Porsche Cayenne, amongst his five expensive vehicles. All of this luxury life in Houston , Texas is funded by what is called the “American Initiative” .
Another fake, is one Olatunde Oyediran who claims that he lives for Chris Oyakhilome’s vision and ministry and that is where all his money goes, yet he drives a Toyota RunEx.
Meanwhile, Immorality is not a scarce commodity in Christ Embassy, South Africa . Tomisin Fashina, a Senior Pastor in the Sandton church, South Africa , is said to have children from different women in his congregation. Fashina is said to have taught his congregation that it was more evil to bring a fatherless child to the world than to abort. This has raised the suspicion that he may be impregnating women in his church and asking them to abort.
His wife, Tolu Fashina, on the other hand is alleged to have embezzled the Healing School funds when she and one Taiwo Adenubi, a senior pastor in Pretoria , just outside Johannesburg had been given a construction contract by Dr. Diolla who is the head of the Healing school.
They were exposed by a worker who had taken his share of the loot, when they tried to blame it on him. Apparently, this guy, a Nigerian national confessed his own sins but said that he had learnt from the best, being Tolu and Taiwo.
In 2007, the Christ Embassy Randburg branch got a member called Funi Silinda, a business woman. She gave no less than R100,000, a month. On months like the American Initiative, she is recorded to have given approximately R600,000. She bought a lot of first class tickets for most of the Christ Embassy, Randburg leadership to attend international conferences in Nigeria . She also paid for many of them to be in good hotels .
For partnership like the Healing School , she gave about R30,000 a month . She built a computer centre in Randburg, furnished it with state-of-the-art computers and accessories. Funi paid for the Christ Embassy TBN contract. She was led to believe that it cost R100,000 a month .Yet she faithfully paid for a whole year.
It came as a shock to many when Funi announced that she was leaving Christ Embassy because she had run out of money. She said that all the donation she made in Christ Embassy were financed by business projects she received prior to coming to Christ Embassy.
It became obvious that Funi was tired of being used which is something she said in the end. The final straw was when she was told that she has been personally invited by Chris Oyakhilome to attend his birthday party on the 7th of December, 2007.
Tunde Oyediran started working on her, telling her of how she would need to compete with others at profligacy when she gets to the party as they habitually auction Pastor Chris’ suites for anything up to R1million .
That day, she realized that Christ Embassy was nothing but a 419 scam. It was then speculated that she cancelled the flight and went back to her home.
Then another fake, Dolapo Layode, who is often postured by the church as the highest giver and donor in the church came to South Africa in 2007 to share a very far-fetched testimony.
Dolapo told the meeting that two Angels came to her room asking to be dispatched. And she had told the angels to get her a license to lift oil in Nigeria . In two weeks time, she had not only gotten this license, but also a scholarship to London where she studies about the business she was about to embark on.
In less than a year, Dolapo was telling people that she has trucks with her names running around Nigeria transporting oil . She never mentioned planning to be in the transportation business as well.
That was when some people realized that Dolapo and her kind , in Christ Embassy were a grand part of the whole extortionary scam. No one can out-give them and it is meant to be that way. Dolapo shocked people even more when she said that when she prays for money, she finds it everywhere in the house, in her wardrobe and within clothes.
However, it appears, this grace for money or ability to mint money as it has been termed, only works for the Nigerian members of “the Haven” group.
South Africans are loved because they work and earn a lot of money and have easy access to credit according to one Pastor Efeoma, a former ‘Haven’ President.
In all these, many South Africans have had to use desperate measures to finance the deep pockets of Christ Embassy hoping to avoid being shunned.
They use credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans, second bonds, missed car and house payments to meet the church’s demands. As a result many are blacklisted by the credit bureau, their cars are repossessed while they are evicted or watch helplessly as their houses are auctioned.
In the ‘Haven’ group the only people who seem to have testimonies of being millionaires are Nigerians while South Africans face liquidation and other financial crisis.
It is no longer secret that the South African authorities are not leaving any stone unturned in its investigation to get to the root of the many outcries against the activities of Christ Embassy in South Africa . This was demonstrated about a month ago when Pastor Chris Oyakhilome came for the Healing School . He was literally frisked and not a single stroke of nicety was spent on him. It was real business and objectivity. His Private Jet was thoroughly searched at the airport. He was asked to fill in forms standing on the counter as the airport officials apparently refused him to use the VIP lounge to do all that.
Chris was said to have been very angry at Ose, wife of Ken Oyakhilome, who has been running Christ Embassy aground by her immoral and uninspiring conducts. Chris was also said to have threatened to stop coming to South Africa as he blamed Ose for poorly managing matters in South Africa . Chris who came to South Africa from Texas was said to have gotten the same treatment there.
South Africans strongly feel that Chris made the worse mistake by coming to South Africa in the first place. The investigators handling the matter already have the support of many countries, including Nigeria . They have met with some Nigerian officials who are passionate with fighting crime. A meeting of all religious groups in South Africa was convened penultimate Friday in Kwa-Zulu Natal to discus the notorious activities of Christ Embassy in South Africa .
And as the South African authorities step up investigations, into the activities of Christ Embassy, the people are aggressively mobilizing to stamp out Christ embassy from their country for good.
Memo from a meeting of all religous group, held in Kwa- Zulu Natal last friday, to dicuss Christ Embassy atrocities in SA.


Anonymous said...

Oga mi

I concur with your views on this issue. We all have a responsibility to hold people to account wherever this sort of modern day false prophecy rears its head. We must start with our family members who believe that being a christian is a guaranteed passport to wealth and trouble free life. I always remind my dearest, the God I worship has not stipulated that I need to go via a middle man. These guys are feeding on ignorance,poverty and the innane quest to get rich quick. Many of them will get their just dessert at the right time. Keep blogging .

Onibudo said...

A big fat AMEN to this. I have posted my dismay on this matter several times as well, including twice in the last month on other blogs where otherwise rational people have either justified or excused or refuted the assertions of the Redeemed private jet situation and the subsequent retraction by ThisDay, an extraordinarily obvious yet staggeringly successful piece of spin that would have Alistair Campbell clapping in appreciation. I expect if Oyakhilome is innocent of these assertions, a man of his means and connections will be sueing the backsides off those making these claims. Until and unless they do and it is proved for the lie that I actually hope it is, we are left with no choice but to assume it is in whole or part, truth.

Nigeria's biggest problem is its own people's minds and it is evidenced no more starkly than the willing emotional, material, physical and spiritual sodomisation of the masses that is occurring daily in the name of God across the length and breadth of the country. God help us all.

From Olu Alake by email

Anonymous said...

trials and tribulations never ceased in the time of jesus christ, he was lied about, trialed, persecuted, perplexed, for they did not no his life was foretold, they themselves were filfilling the scriptures, the bible says, don't grow weary when the world troubles and hates you, for they have hated me first, anyone one following the footsteps of jesus christ, surely is bound to follow suit, miracles happen in the spiritual realm and therefore need no medical evidence, you are entitled to your opnion nonetheless, i a student and christ embassy member forgive you, for you no not what you are saying or doing, you are merely fulfiling the scriptures. phofzin

Anonymous said...

Like in the days of Jesus Christ so it is today so Pastor Chris is not moved by what anyone is saying about him, its expected.He does not have to prove his innocence of this assertions to anyone. God called him and not man. Who is man that he should be mindful of anyway, The one whose breath is in his nostril that can drop dead anytime.Mr. Omoluwabi i must advice you,the Bible says whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken and whosoever it shall fall on, it shall grind him to powder,we are his living stones and so is Pastor Chris. So be careful what you say about him and other men of God hence it works against you.You look like Judas Iscariot of our day.

Anonymous said...

I am so fed up with all these people who seem hell-bent to prove that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is not a man of God. For goodness sake, when will they stop? When will they rest from all their struggles? Isn’t it evident that he is a man of God? Is God so wicked as to allow millions to be carried away by this man? If indeed he is a fake healer (as some claim) for crying out loud, why haven’t people turned from following him? If you ask ‘me, he definitely is a man of God because God won’t sit back, fold his arms and watch a man embarrass Him (as a matter of fact, God cannot be embarrassed). How can the testimony of ONE man qualify to discredit a man through whom thousands have received their healing? For the people who hung on to ONE man’s testimony, why didn’t they seek out more people to back up their story? How come no one considered that the man who claimed to have been offered money to sit in a wheelchair was just a scam? Did anyone think that the money he claimed to have been offered was actually given to him so he could frame up Pastor Chris? How come he has no witness or alibi? Where is the pastor who called him or offered him the money? Who is this pastor?

At the end so many questions begging for answers and not a dime worth

itee said...

if fake produces the best and lasting result, then i prefer it…but i know Pastor Chris is not fake. It is ignorance and unbelieve that is the problem, I mean those that said he is fake.

Onibudo said...

I honestly welcome the views of those commentators on behalf of their Pastor Chris. Of course God is the only one who knows who serves him/her. The point anonymously made liken me to Judas Iscariot shows a failed understanding of the very scriptures that these people claim to follow. I have never been a follower of pastor Chris or any other Pastor, I am a lover of christ . It is a personal relationship with Christ not through anyone. THe second fallacy is that Judas was not the only one that betrayed Christ in his final moments but his act was necessary for the fulfillment of prophesy which brought the Gospel across the world and salvation for humankind.

The shame of the apologists amongst us is that even their brains have be contracted out as a result of abject laziness and a desire to achieve prosperity at all cost. I do not know Pastor Chris but there are serious questions for him to answer based on the posted South African article and Man of God is not exclusive to anyone we are all children of God. So answer the questions if you can if not well enjoy your church but here is a space for people to engage in debate and discourse on a broad range of challenging issues facing our lives, society and world. join us if you are willing to open new perspectives not trot out ill thought and worn out lines.

Anonymous said...

If u sin against man u can be forgiven but sinning against the holy spirit is blesferming...n u can neva be forgiven.The holy spirit is the one who does all the works thorough Pastor Chris. If u had a personal relationship with Christ like you claim to have, u'll understant that this miracles are not by might not by power but by the spirit of God.

Onibudo said...

First thing is there is something unpleasant about writing on something serious with textspeak. Second I worry that there is s mental health issue largely masquerading as faith writ large in our populace. Finally please read your scriptures before commenting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Onibudo,

I am from Malaysia, and I have travelled all the way to Africa and I have attended the church for 3 years, worked as a minister, and finally realized I was scammed.

My money had been abused, by their own pastors and too much to be said. I think I was in bondage when this was all going on, what was I thinking ? It was like I was in some kind of spell and they played lots of mind games with me and my friends.

i have also received many scam emails to tell me that I have won lottery... I called back the sender in UK, and the person over the phone had a very strong Nigerian accent. HA!

I have left the organization they called a church - Christ Embassy.

I can't stop laughing today thinking how foolish I was for 3 years !

Keep blogging. God Bless You !!

mister chris said...

Thanks for bringing this to everyones attention, i have always had issues with the So called Pentecostal movement in Nigeria, it has become a national embarrasment second to the 419 Scam Nigeria is now known from even though it didnt start from Nigeria. Can you imagine going to a public function organised by Nigerians here in London (a Disco Night) and the first item on the programme is an opening prayer where an idiot pastor rants on for 30 mins praying and preaching. Then two hours later everybody is dancing to Dbanj, 50cent to name a few.
The Christian penticostal movement is just another thing Nigerians adopted a few years ago from the Americans modified it and now think its the best thing since slice bread. But as we can all see, its just another scam (religious 419). and ofcourse its our Nigerian women that ned to wake up to this scam, i wont be surprised if most of the comments pro-Chris on this blog came from them.