Friday, July 24, 2009

You must be MEND

Now MEND showed its true colours in the bombing of Atlas Cove in Lagos . It is a terrorist and criminal enterprise full stop. It kidnaps, kills and destroys public property and now not just in Niger Delta. The death of 7 in Lagos is just the kind of lack of boundaries I often warned about in this so called fight for resource rights. I often wonder out loud what added value those who are fighting have put into the particular resource. There is no doubt the Delta should be developed but to what avail with the kind of attitude and addiction to 'Deve'. Deve if you do not know is the slush of funding going to so called programmes which are often extorted by ' Youth' for their personal benefit. This funds come from Government, Oil Companies and International donors without really demanding any productivity or accountability. Now the Federal Government is about to institutionalize Deve. Whilst 27 soldiers are given life sentences for demanding allowances for serving the country under the UN, these killers and kidnappers will get allowances to reward their illegal and murderous enterprises. Wow this is truly the elevation of Rule of Law.

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