Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Blag Matrix 'Bye Blair'

For those of us who live here in the United Kingdom we are going through a changing of the guards like has just gone on in Nigeria only we do not get to have a say on who rules us. Never mind about flawed elections in Gidi how about no election at all. Talk of corruption after nearly eight years since applying to the British government for the Abacha millions, Nigeria has yet had its stolen money returned. The city of London remains the money laundering capital of the world. Add to it that the government that takes 40% of my income as basic taxes stopped prosecution of BAE Systems for bribery in the Al Yammemah defence contract with Saudi Arabia. In fact Bribes were tax refundable if they were paid abroad until 2002. The same Government has continued to keep the people of the Chaigos of their Island even though the House of Lords had ruled in their favour.

My point, what is it that makes the average Nigerian elite take all the stolen and earned money to send their children to be indoctrinated in this environment? As I got on my flight from Lagos to london on the 3rd of June I was amazed how full the flight was with teenagers apparently going back to school accompanied or unaccompanied, spread across the upper class premium economy and the rare economy occupant. Good old blighty seems able to blag its way into being considered world class even though it is a country which looks to its past for its best moments, where innovation is ridiculed, excellence despised and victimhood crowned. A country that continues to run a scam on the rest of the world by putting the word Great in front of its name because it manages to bluff others to think they are somehow inferior. If only the world did not buy into this bullshit but everyone does. Life is just a confidence trick.

Step in the greatest fraud of the lot, Tony Blair Esq. My son reminded me I was his greatest fan and surely some time ago I truly believed Mr toothy grin was really committed to helping this country get beyond its overdose of insecurity and reposition itself for the unique challenges of the 21st century. No he was only committed to retaining Power so he always changed structure of things so that it appeared new even if the inside was decaying. On any given day when it is either too hot or too cold our transport infrastructure here completely shuts down. Mr Man manages to claim things that are not even his success. Take Sierra Leone where Nigerian army died in abundance to protect the country guess who claims being saviour yes, Toothy Tony. Have you not noticed that he only speaks 'truth' to the weak or down trodden like the Palestinians never challenges the Israelis or his buddy George W.

Never mind Tony they will be singing your praises in Ajegunle and Gugulethu when you tell them you are going to be tough on poverty and the causes.poverty. I hope they have the good sense to look outside before you leave. God save us from those who seek to help us.

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