Monday, June 11, 2007

What did Aremu Do to you?

A government that delivers a home grown reform that increases GDP from average 2.5% till 1997 to an average 6% in 2007 including 10.2% growth in 2003. A three fold increase in Per Capita GDP at Purchasing Power Parity $1,800 . An average growth of Non oil sector of the economy at average 9% . Total eradication of Debt stock of about $38 billion dollars, both current account and trade surplus. The second fastest growing telecoms market in the world. A capital market that is reputed to yield returns up to 400%. Inflation reduced from over 20% to about 12 %. In any country someone who oversaw such a radical change in Macro- economic condition will be feted as an hero. Never mind that this same man was there to sign the peace agreement to end the Biafra war and oversaw the last time the country Nigeria had similar macro- economic direction. Many will say this is just good fortune nd a fluke for some of us people make their own fortune. Historians will look back at Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo and they will see a true Hero, a Nigerian Hero. Mrs Okonjo Iweala agrees with me in the video below.

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A woman of integrity.