Monday, February 25, 2008


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The new narrative about Senator Barack Obama is that he is this 'Voodoo' 'Conjure man' who uses the power of words to turn nearly 9 million of his fellow United States citizens to frenzied supporters. It ignores the energy, dialogue and humility that has built the foundation for this admiration. The subtext to this is that young people who support Obama in their droves cannot have any reasoned position but are fawning on a rock star. This video is a response to that as Derrick is an example of many Obama supporters so for every State Senator that cannot say one accomplishment there is a Derrick who eloquently stands for Hope. All over the world we are seeing a fight between a generation whose main achievements are trapped in the battles they fought in the sixties for freedom, human rights or self expression and have since in their arrogance painted progress in their image against the rest of us. It is time for those of us in the subsequent generations to break the death grip that the so called sixties generation have had n our possibilities. Derrick is an Icon for that and it feels sweeter that he is of African Descent.

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