Friday, February 29, 2008

Trevor Phillips, David Cameron and bungling Britishness

The obsession with a safe pair of hands in this country has led to an institutionalised mediocrity that is covered in the mystique of quaintness and tradition as well as cemented into the boarding school corruption that is the old boy network. This week has been an affirmation in two cases. David Cameron the honourable leader of the opposition and a very intelligent as well as articulate man who I thought could bring an originality of thought and action to the British political scene as allowed himself to be conned into the 'community cohesion' agenda. It is the false premise that something called multiculturalism has failed and there is a need for better integration which can be achieved through Government policy. It is quite a lame idea which is now government policy embedded into immigration thinking and Home Office approaches. It is a play for social engineering that does not really address the natural complexity of cultures, the survival instinct behind retention of identity and the economic power of enclave economies in a globalised world. I would love to break these things down but it would take sometime . It will suffice to say Mr Cameron's comment on the above was so below his intelligence and capacity that it shows a continuing downward spiral the longer he has been in the role of leader of the conservative party. This is because in my humble view when you are surrounded by mediocrity like most British people are and the quality of public expectation in fossilised in entitlements there is absolutely no reason to innovate.

Mr Cameron spoke as a guest of Trevor Phillips the head of the government agency for human rights. Trevor Phillips is at best a safe pair of hands whose height and bearing flatters to deceive. One suspects Mr Phillips is a disappointment to himself from the radical and promising leadership he was groomed for as a young leader of the National Union of Students. Mr Phillips is something of a failed journalist and politician whose most glorious achievement is to oversee the extension of his fiefdom without any serious competence on the subject he has come to lead on. I believe he is in his role for no other reason than he is a black man of Caribbean / south American descent who fits in an old boy network and would be a 'safe pair of hands'. His position on multiculturalism has been so influential to a government that has always flattered the Minorities into perpetual victimhood that i suspect that he will be soon rewarded the ultimate gift for mediocrity a Knighthood. It is our lot in this country that his older brother Mike who is a more authentic and original thinker is not the one in the family with such a platform.

However that was alright until when he uses the flawed analysis by Shelby Steele as an excuse for suggesting that a win by Senator Obama would setback Race Relations in America by years. Surely a case of the kettle describing the pot with the N word. A man who helped turn the dialogue in Britain into a false dichotomy between multiculturalism and integration now wants to reduce someone else with superior talent and intellect to his level of incompetence. He seems irritated that Senator Obama has the character and intellect to set his sight on transforming his society whilst Mr Phillips has settled to pontificating on transactions. Simply put Trevor Phillips is a rent seeking official whose failure to live to his potential makes him jealous of another person who seeks excellence.

All the snobby talk of the failures and guilt in the United States hides the fact that most of us in this country are driven by entitlement and transactions whilst similar people in the United States grab opportunities and think big. It is part of our culture to manifest cynicism, elevate victims and seek the downfall of the fortunate. Trevor Phillips green eyed demons cannot let him see beyond the fact that a younger man is achieving things he could have tried if he had migrated. The reason why Britain does not have a Barack Obama , Malcolm X, Martin Luther King or any great world class Black Icon has nothing to do with numbers or lack of Slavery guilt it as to do with a culture of mediocrity, low expectation and entitlement. Trevor Phillips is a poster child for all of these.

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