Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ido/Osi the only game in Town

The Ekiti Rerun has proven that I am truly a very naive person.In my genuine hope that people would not recklessly throw away the possibility of a great nation called Nigeria, i unlike most commentators focussed on the organizational failures of the 2007 elections especially because this was a litmus test on whether you can have a civilian to civilian hand over in Nigeria. It was too much of a relief to my nationalistic heart that i could not bear the rigging is the only explanation brigade. I have watched slowly and gradually as the current Federal Government whittle away at any goodwill that might be available to them punishing anyone who seemed to bear any Nationalistic interest, Northernising the Federal government and gradually moving everything back to 1982. As usual the obvious is the Ekiti rerun awash in violence, deception and manipulation but we have 27 International peace keepers headed for jail for life for nothing other than protesting the embezzlement of their pay. We know about the persecution of Nuhu Ribadu and El Rufai even though not saints but true servants nevertheless. Our Government has started borrowing without any focus on productivity increases or any serious focus on stringent efficiency standards or economically robust vision. The scene is set for another self inflicted National crisis.

Most observers have focused in relation to the rerun in Ekiti on the suspended Oye vote in two wards or even the drama of the resigning and reinstated family member of INEC the resident electoral officer in Ekiti State. Very few have focussed on the main game which is the PDP loaded ballot boxes that where collated and collected outside INEC supervision and without AC sign off in IDO/OSI. This blatant attempt at fixing an 11,000 votes deficit is the backbone credibility gap in the rerun. With the Resident Officer seemingly back on message we no longer hear of lack of PDP confidence in her. The conversation is now exclusively about Oye Ekiti's 2 wards. We are suddenly back in June 12 where just the sheer bold face of official brigandry is about to play itself out. This cannot stand , the people of Ekiti , the truly Nationalistic Nigerians, All those people of goodwill cannot allow this to stand because if it does it mocks the possibility of any credible standards for our future interactions. It is time for the post 1960s Generation to reclaim and reposition our nation from this constant rape and abuse. It is enough.


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