Monday, May 25, 2009

A star dies . The Passing of Dr Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem

Taju was one of the most fascinating people that I have ever met. Relentlessly witty, incredibly eloquent and naturally charming. Always caught between bombast and genius, he could hold court like Oscar Wilde and challenge like Marlon Brando. In fact he reminded me of Marlon Brando in his later life, a man of great awareness and wisdom resting in the presence of unachieved possibilities. Taju was my brother even though he had a suspicion of me as a consultant. He was a true African , a rarity amongst those of us who project that desire but never actualize its actions. Taju loved Awo at least in our debates and my love for Penkelemese, Adegoke Adelabu was one of our running discussions. As chairman of CDD he and kayode Fayemi gave me the space to return to a Nigeria in which I could attempt transformation. Born to the people of Ogbomoso, taju spoke yoruba without the cold hands of Lagosian corruption and spoke Hausa elegantly from his upbringing in the north. Those large eyes would never leave my heart, that extraordinary wit would never stop ringing in my ears. The passing of such greatness is a course for all of us to mourn.

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