Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ile Ya

Picture by Rosanna Durruthy

I am on my way to Gidi. In fact today and as usual there is a lot to explore but too little time. As i usually say I come from a Islamic tradition and my family ie my wife and children are from the Christian tradition. Even though we are all now practising Christians but traditions and rituals have a strong hold on our psyche. Rituals are the vehicles that our ancestors use to remind us of the wisdom that they discovered. Depending on the ritual their always the journey, the pain , the triumph and then reflection. For many they are going through the Xmas ritual as a representation of the birth of Christ even though it is factually and historically incorrect. This year it coincides with the period of the Hajj to Mecca and Medina. This year is kind of special because my younger brother made Hajj . I imagine my parents will be truly proud of this. I wish him well.

I will be in Ibadan myself running a retreat for A3&O a telecoms content provider company in which I have a small interest. I will be there for the Ile Ya festivities that follow the Hajj. The ram, roasted, grilled and cooked. I have many stories to tell you much later. Especially recent trips with the Gliteratti and Cogniscenti, from St James Palace as one of the readers of the Queens Anniversary Award to innovative ; brief tea at the House of Lords and the piece de resistance launch of the new Aston Martin Design centre with my brother Oyedokun Lawson Oyekan as the artist in residence with his unique ceramics crowning this gorgeous cars. I will be back soon.

Ire O!


Anonymous said...

Yes my brother I feel you. Efun eran ni a o fi jeresi..biodun ba de a o fi awo eran kirun...sing along

Sherri said...

have a safe trip,
barka de eid(al Adha)
merry christmas and happy new 2008!

greetings to my ago taylor and oke bola peeps

Onibudo said...

You guys are so on point . Had some sweet ram done into suya but had to leave most because UK regulations prevents bringing food into the country. Bloody painful. I wish i had the time to do Ago Tailor and Oke Bola but was stuck in IITA most of the time. Merry Xmas and a new year full of possibilities.