Sunday, December 09, 2007

What is a Lyrical Terrorist?

The young lady above is Samina Malik whose poems supporting the so called Mujadhein warriors and writing about decapitations just got sentenced to probation and community work for this and downloading an alleged terrorist manual from the internet. For me this is a very scary development when you get punished by the state for what you think and write about. It is a world bent out of shape by fear and insecurity. It has blinded people to the possibility that the constant hysterical interplay always leads to escalation and dehumanising. Take the Teddy bear issue, when a group of school kids named a toy 'Mohammed' of course someone lodged a complaint very likely a person offended that this British woman had come to the Sudan to 'lord it over them' . If the British media had any sense they would have played it cool but this was too much of a chance to play the 'mad mullah' card that they went at it with the subtleness of the Sirocco in a deserted Sicilian village. As if by remote control the usual crowd of unemployed and underproductive turn out for their standard flag burning carnival. All stereotypes confirmed the Teacher gets back to UK is front page news for a few days and maybe longer if she can conjure up a 'toy boy' preferably from an ' exotic' location maybe Zanzibar. Then all players take their pills and go back to the dark room or in the case of the press a coffin in a cellar somewhere in Canary Wharf until the next opportunity to dust off the film of mildew that spans their intolerance.

Poor Samina how else can she rebel , dressed like a forlorn widow with many passions buried inside looking for legitimate outlet. Nothing in her profile suggests that what she expresses in her poetry is not something she would forget in a proper hormonal release. The problem is that she is a Muslim for how else does the Nihilistic lyrics and considerations of Goths, Dweebs and the many metal related obsessive who have visions of murder and mayhem as well as downloading more serious stuff gets ignored. I think the world is losing all sense of porportion.


Sherri said...

you seem to have a problem with profiling!lol

Onibudo said...

I worry for the day when it might be me and then who will be left standing.