Monday, January 28, 2008

Excellence the only answer to racism

Lets call it what it is really . When we call the kind of discrimination that classifies people and diminish them on what we call Race it is in fact tribalism. The kind of tribalism that can become a debilitating illness . There are degrees of the illness and the roles assigned by the afflicted to those he or she is incapable of humanising. It seems there is a special place in all of this for any Alpha male that is so called 'black'. The regular allegation of intimidating others if your teeth is not showing, the unlimited expectation of sexual aggression, the assumption of intellectual incompetence amongst many others. Part of the rule is if you are a so called 'big black man' you cannot raise your voice or show anger. The mental institutions are filled with such men whose relationship with range of emotions are now so distorted they cannot calibrate responses that will keep them functional. Even then they are not allowed to be just mad they are over medicated and often killed in an over zealous fear of their potential for aggression. This is all well established reality and is one of the many reasons why Senator Obama is a phenom. He manages to keep this monster largely at bay in others. He seems to have a reassuring presence and all the attempts to demonise him so far have only been marginally successful. Remember that originally he was not black enough as people like Stanley Crouch commented on his lack of slave roots. Then he was trying too hard to be accepted by black people and rejecting his white mother , that was Ellis Cose both commentators are celebrated mainstream 'black' commentators who helped make it more acceptable for the rest of the media to follow. Then in Nevada he suddenly is too black for Hispanic voters at least that is what the Clinton campaign put out there. The net was already circulated the protocols of Hussein Obama alleging he is part of a kind of islamic sleeper cell having attended a Madrassa at 10 years of age. Then suddenly he is a member of a racist church who Mr Cohen in the Washington Post tied too Minister Farakhan because the daughter of his pastor gave the minister an award. Finally he is just another 'black candidate' whose only support comes from the emotive community that is herded by tribal instincts but incapable of any rational decision. Bill Maher on his show said he new blacks would come back home to Obama as they did on OJ equating a Senator running for the presidency with an alleged murderer. It reminds me of a dinner party in the Forest of Dean many years ago. There were 3 black men amongst a party of over 40 people all white. Over a period of time people huddled and spoke mingling from time to time until these three black male strangers ended up in a group together. In less than five minutes a white woman came over and alleged that we were being 'racialist' for why were we the only blacks in the party in each others company? Go figure all the times we were talking to whites there was no problem and of course it is not racist for the whites who were talking to each other but when its blacks then they must be doing something unsavoury. The same thing accompanied the Obama win in South Carolina. So Obama is all things dangerous and underhand even when they are contradictory.

These are all not new, the main thing that is new is that we are watching a man in Obama who tries his best not to be imprisoned by the justifiable anger and desire for fairness that has crippled blacks for a long time. It is time to move beyond the dialogue about the injustice of such treatment. it is not only distracting , it is debilitating. In fact I will argue it is an excuse for us not to compete and pursue excellence because we have a ready made excuse. It is time to get over the victimhood and embrace the possibilities in spite of the unfairness. Senator Obama stands in a long line of great men who seek excellence as the only answer to injustice and unfairness. This is the lesson our children need to learn and focus upon. The world is an unfair and imperfect place it is not a good enough excuse to waste a life. Time now to set a new agenda that finds power to rise above adversity and laugh in the face of unfairness, recognising that no human institution can provide justice. Justice is a realm exclusively for God. In the meantime we are obliged to use the gift of life as the full expression of love that it is. In fact racism is and can be a catalyst for excellence and it could not happen to a better people. It is time for a new day in which self pity and sense of entitlement gives way to a hunger for a life that matters and makes a difference. No matter what happens this not a choice it is an obligation.

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