Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa and Elections

Whatever the polls say it is clear that I have posted in support of Senator Obama not because he is black or of African descent but for the possibilities of an America truly living for a greater good, grounded in its recognition of a common humanity and humbled by the interdependence of nations. Senator Obama exudes and authenticity that is both open and passionate. He represents hope that is beyond the limitation of contrived policy. His is an aspirations beyond partisan politics, vision beyond the artificiality of national borders. He is of course limited by his constituency in both party terms as well as nationality. However he more so than others recognises and exercises his judgement accordingly for complexity of our times. His positions are a congruent exposition of his character hence the truimph of his judgement on Iraq, Pakistan et al over so much touted experience.

He is Hope and Senator Clinton is Inevitability. I cannot see senator Obama winning because the fear of loss that has become the calling card of the psyche in the average American will not allow for them to look beyond their insecurity towards their possibility. The establishment of both parties thrives on division and conflict and the citizenry are addicted to the idea of winning too much to recognise that what is important is success which often times is abundant enough to allow for both competition and cooperation. I am sure that Senator Obama has run a good race and I hope he has become the warror of light for an American renewal but he will unfortunately not become the president.


Sherri said...

He pulled off a win in iowa!!
He might yet pull off another surprise, the democratic party ticket...

Soul said...

I think you might have misjudged this.
There are many things against Hilary and one of them is that she is part of a dynasty. the 'clinton empire'. Many Americans do not want to see this. This is also why I presume Jeb Bush is not running.
He would not win. It's too much power concentrated in one family unit.

Aside from that, Hilary has pissed many people off. And that air of inevitability is what surrounded her campaign initially.
like.. Of course this is just pedestrian for me.. I've got the women's vote. I've got the clinton worshippers vote.
But the problem is, it's just not enough. The tide is turning and many women are pissed at Hilary for not doing what she said she will do.

I like Obama, for his policies. For his approach, for his openness, for his willingness to run inspite of being told he can't.
I like Edwards as well.

I don't care that hilary is a woman. I think Hilary is old school, she will fight this campaign in the only way she knows how and that will probably be the reason why she might not win the dem nomination.

Comrade said...

Waited till the New Hampshire thing was done before commenting. It looks like the come-back kid thing which Bill was noted for applies to her too. 48 more states to go

Onibudo said...

Now the Clintons are using the division of Race and Gender in a manner that plays to the worst fears of the electorate. This is exactly what I feared. Iowa and its afterglow seems a lifetime away. I hope but despair is getting stronger.