Monday, April 28, 2008

The Arrogance and Racism that is British Airways

Human beings have infinite capacity for self justification. Evil we exhibit is usually so banal cemented into conventional wisdom by obsession with reason and disdain for passion. In fact fear for it. British are a people who pride themselves with a detached calmness and a stiff upper lip. Nigerians are quite an explosive and passionate in their expressions. The fear and irrational stereotype of angry black people whether Reverend Wright or Ayo Omotade or even Mr Bell who got shot in NY on his stag night must have been a justification for the crew of the BA flight to Lagos. Well here is more about British Airways a truly poor and disgraceful organisation.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt this is a racist organisation but it's not only the passengers this company mistreats see the following for news for how they treat the staff! Even the director thinks it's fun to ridicule them!