Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gidi for Real

I am in Lagos, sweating, smelling and generally full of life. No bills through the front door, no treadmill existence (all measurements no outcomes) , no electricity but just sheer life. Loads to do . I still need to post the deconstruction of the Obama Speech even though I did an Omoluwabi podcast. It will be posted shortly on the Podbean website. I have just completed a meeting where I have been dropped into giving a speech tomorrow by a group of young men. They are putting together an African Under 30 entrepreneurial Award. Their website is worth your visit at www.top30under30.com. The are truly worth the time.

Quick aside is why are people hating on the Chinese so much. I know it is fashionable to be down with the Dalai Lama but people get a grip eh! I frankly blame the Chinese leadership for what were they thinking going for hosting the Olympics? People's addiction to Western approval and standards also affect the Chinese? Na wa O.

Got to rush and find the other side of Lagos before the traffic madness starts however here is quote attributed to Adegoke Adelabu, if accurate shows how truly special he was.

“I am a deliberate egoist. I do not regret it. I do not apologise for it. I am an artist. The artist has nothing worthwhile to offer you besides glimpses of his inner self. My philosophy is that the world would be much better and happier if we would only dare to be ourselves completely, instead of trying to be faded copies of other unknown and misunderstood mythical heroes."

Authenticity Rocks !

Ire O

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