Monday, April 14, 2008

British Airways treatment of Ayo Omotunde

Here is a story that should elicit a response.

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Soul said...

Yes, it should.
I've been travelling with BA for eons and their service to the continent is appalling. I was soo irritated, that I had to give it a wide berth for awhile.

The next time I used it, I was shocked at the bizarre treatment on board.

The minute the flight lifted off, airline crew retreated to the back of the plane, and no amount of pressing the button to summon a steward/stewardess could bare to remove them from the santuary that was the back of the plane.

There were some scots on board the flight who moved their seats to the back and proceeded to get royally drunk off of the booze which the cabin crew served them. as if that wasn't enough, they laid claim to the toilets and pretty much just peed all over the floor, left the door open and stunk up the place.
It didn't bother the crew though. They just gave them more alcohol.

Oh and to add insult to injury, when it came time to hand out immigration cards, these 'lovely BA crew' walked round and selected all the white people to give the immigration cards to. They didn't ask anyone else, the steward, just walked through and handed the cards to all the white people.

People were saying, 'excuse me, can I have a form', 'excuse me please', 'scuse me'...
But they just walked away.
So what happened in the end? A queue formed up along the aisle in the middle of the plane filled with black folk trying to get this immigration form.
I swear I was incensed!.

oh and to top it off, on the way off the flight, the scottish dudes were harrassing the women on the plane, not one person turned around to say anything.
When I said something, my fellow naija people acted like they couldn't see the bullocks going on.

I swear I tire for this.
this would never happen on a US bound BA flight.
It's time we hit BA where it hurts. In it's pockets!